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If the item you want is not listed, it will have to be made for you. I am now taking names for 2024 buckle orders.


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It's happened I'VE RETIRED.

However, I will continue to produce belt buckles part-time on a mail order-only basis (part of retirement meant moving to a more affordable location and I currently live in Ashland OR). Please plan ahead as availability is very limited.                                   Updated 3/11/24

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Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle


Specify high polish or satin finish


      1" belt   (small size)  $1750
Three in stock


       1-1/4" belt    (medium size)  $2050
  One in stock     More soon


      1-1/2" belt  (large size) $2550
Two in stock


Extra Small belt buckle fits 1" belt




This buckle is smaller than our usual small size.
It has a #5 Aspen Leaf.

Fair condition: many small and fine scratches and some deep edge dents, but the engraving is still sharp. Measures 2-1/16"w X 1-1/2"h

Circa 1990's, made by Bates in the Basalt CO studio



       3/4" belt  $600

       One in stock


This buckle set is currently mounted on a thin 3/4" belt, 33" waist.


Another option would be to buy a tapered belt to fit from my belt-maker (wider around the back).

This buckle was made by my ex-husband Stephen Bates for our son, Tamas Bates in the mid-'90s.

He's since outgrown it and Ranger Sets are not really my style so I haven't worn it enough to keep it.


Below are offers coming up for discounted belt buckles which I need to make to photograph for my catalogue. They would be available early 2024. Please email me if you are interested.


1.  To fit 1-1/4" belt, rectangle plate, but slightly smaller than the usual medium plate. Hammered background. A plain (un-veined) Aspen leaf, with your initials engraved in the leaf. The back is slightly scarred, but can be hand-engraved with a short inscription. $500


2.  Same as above, but with your logo instead of an Aspen Leaf and no initials. Also the Hallmark stamp on the reverse is slightly cut off. $400


3.  Plain finish rectangle plate and regular Aspen Leaf.  With two initials engraved in top left and bottom right corners.  Unlimited inscription on back. $500 for 1" belt size (small) $700 for 1-1/4" belt size (medium).