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I am almost booked for orders for the rest of the year, so the buckles below are all that will be available until 2023. If the item you want is not listed, it will have to be made for you. Email me with your information and I will put you on the wait list. I will contact you when I can get  to your order to see if you are still interested and we will go from there.

Updated 5/11/22

Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle

CLASSIC RECTANGLE high polish or matte finish

1" Belt  $1700  High polish
 Two in stock


1-1/4" Belt $2050 High polish

Two in stock


1-1/4" Belt $2050 Tumbled finish
Three in stock engraved with
"Love You Forever'

One in stock engraved with
"Our Love is Forever"

Tumbled finish: brighter than matte, but a softer sheen than high polish. (call it Satin finish)


 Hammered finish

 1-1/4" Belt $2050

One in stock

Antique Bronze Aspen Leaf belt buckle

Cast Bronze Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle
(close to medium size plate on size chart)
Cast in the USA, finished in our workshop.
Antique Bronze satin finish


SOLD OUT, please check back





Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle  _sideLeaf


A nice smaller buckle option

       1-1/4" belt  $1285

       One in stock


1" belt, Hammered plate

$1700. One in stock

See 'Used' page for what I have in used pieces at lower prices!


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