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Updated 9/15/23

Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle


Specify high polish or satin finish

       1-1/4" belt    (medium size)


Two in stock



high polish shown

Antique Bronze Aspen Leaf belt buckle

Cast Bronze Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle
1-1/2" belt width
(close to medium size plate on size chart)
Cast in the USA, finished in our workshop.
Antique Bronze satin finish


One in stock




$1400  1-1/4" belt   (medium size)


       3/4" belt  $800

       One in stock


This buckle set is currently mounted on a thin 3/4" belt, 33" waist.


Another option would be to buy a tapered belt to fit from my belt-maker (wider around the back).

This buckle was made by my ex-husband Stephen Bates for our son, Tamas Bates in the mid-'90s.

He's since outgrown it and Ranger Sets are not really my style so I haven't worn it enough to keep it.