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I am booked for orders for the rest of the year, so the buckles below are all that will be available until 2023. If the item you want is not listed, it will have to be made for you. Email me with your information and I will put you on the wait list. I will contact you when I can get  to your order to see if you are still interested and we will go from there.

Updated 9/11/22

Aspen Leaf Belt Buckle  _sideLeaf


A nice smaller buckle option

       1-1/4" belt  $1285

       One in stock


A  smaller buckle option

       1" belt  $1700

       One in stock



Medium Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
Fits a 1-1/4" Belt

 Used $800 OBO


Although it has had some wear, the leaf detail is still sharp and it will hold up to many more years of daily use.
Most people prefer this soft satin patina.

Initials: THG


This buckle plate is smaller than our usual 1-1/4" belt plate


       3/4" belt  $1000

       One in stock


This buckle set is currently mounted on a thin 3/4" belt, 33" waist.


Another option would be to buy a tapered belt to fit from my belt-maker (wider around the back).

This buckle was made by my ex-husband Stephen Bates for our son, Tamas Bates in the mid-'90s.

He's since outgrown it and Ranger Sets are not really my style so I haven't worn it enough to keep it.