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All of our belt buckles are individually hand-forged       970 319 1697     Updated 6/18/21

At the moment I have very limited stock inventory available, (see links below) and NEW service I'll also be re-selling used pieces for clients at a lower cost to the public. Both will be posted as I have them available.


It's happened I'VE RETIRED.

However, I will continue to produce work part-time on a mail order-only basis. Please plan ahead to allow for shipping time. There is no longer any place in the RF Valley where these can be picked up.


Because I don't have a set schedule, I'm unable to promise delivery per your deadlines.

I will maintain a waiting list and I will contact you  when I am able to make your order to see if you are still interested.

At the moment I am booked out until Autumn 2021.


I will keep some limited inventory of small items in stock and they will be posted on this website.

Finished belt buckles for immediate purchase will also be posted.


Pricing changes: Volatility in the metal markets!, at the moment silver and gold are fluctuating between 166% and 200% of previous prices. I am keeping new pricing at the lower end of these for as long as I can.  I have not instituted any upwards price changes in 18 years so I guess it is overdue. Find current pricing HERE: Buckles  or Accessories


Thank you all for your loyal support and patronage, it’s been a pleasure.


Jess Bates


For anyone interested in seeing personal photos, they are on 
Account name:  jessbates1262

Updated 3/24/21

About buying and selling used Hayes pieces click here

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Watch my 1-minute video demonstration on how our belt buckles are made.