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All of our belt buckles are individually hand-forged       970 319 1697     Updated 8/2/22

It's happened I'VE RETIRED.

However, I will continue to produce belt buckles part-time on a mail order-only basis. Please plan ahead to allow for shipping time.  Some Aspen Leaf jewelry is available at Valley Fine Art, 213 S Mill St, Aspen or from myself directly (if you are applying for the Local's Discount).


At the moment I have very limited stock inventory available, (see links below) and NEW service I'll also be re-selling Used Pieces for clients at a lower cost to the public. Both will be posted as I have them available.


I will keep some limited inventory of small items in stock and they will be posted on this website.

Finished belt buckles for immediate purchase will also be posted.


I am taking names for a belt buckle waiting list. What is shown on the in-stock pages (not the pricing pages) is what is available for purchase. (look for the small white menu bars).
Current waiting time for orders NOT in-stock is spring '23.
My schedule varies seasonally so I can't accommodate deadline dates.


Find current pricing HERE: Buckles  or Accessories There is still a local's Discount. See guidelines HERE.


Thank you all for your loyal support and patronage, it’s been a pleasure.

Jess Bates

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Watch my 1-minute video demonstration on how our belt buckles are made.