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All of our belt buckles are individually hand-forged       970 319 1697



 I will be in a 30-Day Meditation Retreat from January 28 - February 29.
During this time I will not be answering phone messages or emails until March 1. You may leave emails, but please do not leave phone messages.

There are three stores in the Roaring Fork Valley which carry my items and they may have what you need.
Find them HERE.


I am taking a sabbatical this winter and will not return to the workshop until  May 1.

You may call, text or email me directly AFTER MARCH 1, and I can quickly look up what the local stores have, or I can ship to you by mail from my own stock. Availability of some items may become limited until I return.

Aspen Leaf Belt buckles

Aspen Leaf Belt Buckles

Silver handmade belt buckles

Silver Belt Buckles

Aspen Leaf Jewelry

Aspen Leaf Jewelry

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Follow the link above for great sources of quality belts.

Watch my 1-minute video demonstration on how our belt buckles are made.