Jess Bates, owner. metalsmith

All of our belt buckles are individually hand-forged       970 319 1697

I have some stock inventory available, (see link) and I'll also be re-selling used pieces for clients at a lower cost to the public.


Unfortunately, I am not taking orders at this time. Changes are afoot and I am needing to address semi-retirement. This will involve re-location and during the next  year (2020-2021) my workshop is closed

If you can wait,  or need a custom order, please send me an email and I will put your name on my wait list. When I’m back in a place where I am producing work, I will contact you and see if you are still interested.  In the future, I will be operating strictly mail-order.


Thank you all for your loyal support and patronage, it’s been a pleasure.


Jess Bates


For anyone interested in seeing photos taken during my travels, they are on 
Account name:  jessbates1262

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Follow the link above for great sources of quality belts

Watch my 1-minute video demonstration on how our belt buckles are made.