Q: How long will it take to get my order?


A: We keep most of the Aspen Leaf Jewelry in stock. Otherwise it usually takes about 6 weeks unless I'm previously booked. Near the December holidays we can be very busy so order well ahead if you need an item at the end of the year.

Q: I have scratched my belt buckle. Can you remove the scratches?


A: Don't worry about scratches. Over time your belt buckle will be covered in fine scratches and develop a beautiful satin patina.  These are all the marks of your life.

Q: My belt buckle is too shiny and flashy. Is there a way to tone it down?


A: Burnish with a common plastic kitchen green scrubby or fine steel wool. (use a side-to-side motion)

Q: My silver buckle was not worn for quite awhile and it has turned black. How should I polish it?


A: For smooth silver buckles: PLEASE DO NOT USE CREAM OR LIQUID DE-TARNISHING PRODUCTS. A jewelers polishing cloth is preferable, so as not to remove the black line around the applique. Rub vigorously. Do not worry about polishing the back.

B: If it won't come off, you can boil the piece in water + 2T salt and 6-10 1/2" strips of aluminum foil. Then use the polishing cloth.

C: We charge $150/hr and can do some limited re-surfacing and re-buffing. It usually takes 30-45 minutes.


For bronze, brass, rough or wire-brushed buckles: Burnish with a common green plastic kitchen scrubby or fine steel wool.

Q: My belt is too thick. It will not pass the second time through the loop.


A: Our loops are adjustable! See our ''About Belts' page for instructions. HERE
On very old belt buckles (pre-1960) the loops were made for a different hitch and will be tighter and not tilted and are not adjustable. There are two choices: Contact us for instructions on getting a belt for the old-style hitch, or send the buckle back to us for a loop replacement (no charge).

Q: My item broke. Can you fix it?


A: All our items are covered by our unconditional lifetime guarantee (except for Money Clips; one replacement for free)

Q: I have a pendant on chain and the chain is tarnished. How do I clean it the chain?


A: You will need to purchase a liquid 'silver dip' liquid de-tarnishing product at your hardware store.  Hang the leaf over the side and submerge the chain in the liquid for about an hour. Then move the chain and submerge the other part. Rinse with water.  It should look dramatically different. Pull the chain through a polishing cloth a few times to add some polish. Sometimes these liquids get old on the shelf and lose their strength, so buy from a source that has good turn-over.

Q: I have some old Hayes pieces that I no longer use. What should I do with them?


A: Ebay always has people waiting for Hayes items but you will not get top dollar.

B: We re-sell used items for a 10% commission! Usually pieces sell for about 1/2 of retail, more or less depending on condition.  Contact us for details.

C: The best value is to donate your item to the Jim Hayes collection at the Aspen Historical Society. You can take a tax deduction for the value. Contact Lisa Hancock at (970)925-3721