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It's happened I'VE RETIRED.

However, I will continue to produce belt buckles part-time on a mail order-only basis (part of retirement meant moving to a more affordable location and I currently live in Ashland OR). Please plan ahead as availability is very limited.  See 'In Stock' pages for what is available.

The following designs are examples of custom orders, some are copyrighted and not for reproduction.

Turtle belt buckle

We can make any design. Provide yours, or we can help design for you.

Custom order silver belt buckles

We work in sterling silver, brass, bronze and gold.


Silver, brass and gold buckles are handmade

Price range $1000-$2000 depending on design and size.

Ranch brand belt buckle

We make ranch brand belt buckles.


These three are 'void relief' laminated from two thicknesses of metal.

We make belt buckles with initials of all types and styles

Custom made silver belt buckle
Custom-order silver belt buckles
Ajax Cup belt buckle, Hayes

We can make custom handmade belt buckles for your organization or event.


Sterling, Brass, or Gold.

Pricing varies with design, but here are our base prices per belt size for a single layer applique:

Specify high polish or satin finish

1" belt         $1700

       1-1/4" belt  $2050

       1-1/2" belt  $2550
       1-1/2" belt over-large $3000


Many buckle plate shapes are available (rectangle, oval, scalloped, semi-square, etc)
All buckles available in Plain, Hammered, or Scarred textures.


Our buckles are made from hand-forged solid Sterling silver.
Gold, brass, copper upon request.