Aspen Leaf Jewelry PRICING
Please see 'Available Stock' pages before you order. Inventory is limited.
This page is for your pricing reference only.

All items made from Solid Sterling silver or gold. Gold price subject to change.             Updated 8/2/22

Aspen Leaf Pendants


Heavy 1.5 mm metal thickness.


Size     W/O chain     With chain

#3       $112             $285   16"
#4       $175             $345   18"
#5       $427.50         $625  20"

#6       $555             $790   22"

#7       $641.25        $875   22"

14K Gold Pendants (no chain) ($700/18", 1.9mm)
#2       $1000 (1mm)

#3       $1350 (1mm)
#4       $1500
#5       $2000

Larger 1mm gold pendants priced upon request

Aspen Leaf Earrings


Specify Dangles or posts

#2    $155
#3    $225

Silver dangles have sturdy stainless steel locking wires.
Silver posts have gold posts and large butterfly backs.

Clips or screws for non-pierced on request.


14K Gold   Add $250 for posts
#2    $1080
#3    $2500

Aspen Leaf Key Chain


Heavy 1.5MM Thickness Metal


#5   427.50

#6   $555
#7   $640



Aspen Leaf Money Clip


Specify straight or diagonal leaf


 Prices for gold leaves upon request.
NOTE: Money clips are not covered by our life-time guarantee because they will eventually break. I have one I use for dress occasions which is 30+ years old, but if you use a lot of bills or over-bend it with credit cards it may only last 4-6 years. It's longevity will depend on how you treat it.


Heavy 1.5mm Thickness Metal

 #3 Solid backs   $300

#4 Hinged backs  $665


I have one pair of 18K #4 cufflinks in stock I will sell for $1600/pr (regular price $3500)
This is a screaming deal!








Hinge and rivet detail

Aspen Leaf Pin


 1mm thickness
#5   $427.50
#6   $555
#7   $641.25


These pins will be discontinued after existing stock is sold   here

BRACELETS have been discontinued

TIE TACKS and LAPEL PINS have been discontinued

Aspen Leaf Sizing chart (.pdf to be printed)
This is the most accurate sizing description
Hayes Sizing Chart.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.8 MB

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