How we make our handmade belt buckles

We start our belt buckles from 1.5mm rolled sheet and wire which is already tempered and tensioned from the rolling process under huge presses at the metal refinery. This gives us a very dense metal to begin with.



The buckle shapes are cut and filed by hand

Then the plates are hammered into a beautiful curve. This further compresses and tensions the metal.

We achieve a flawless surface by painstakingly cross filing of the convex shape. and pre-buffing for 40 minutes by hand.

The Aspen leaves are each created individually and hand engraved with steel chisels and a pneumatic hammer which leaves a hardened, compressed groove on the surface, resistant to wear.

The buckle is assembled with high-temperature welding (1200 degrees F) which results in an indestructible, permanent bond.

Finally, the buckle is boiled in acid to clean it and hand-buffed for another 30 minutes to achieve a deep polish. But the truth is; our Aspen Leaves become MORE beautiful with daily use and abuse. They are the most durable belt buckles that you will find.


All our pieces are unconditionally lifetime guaranteed. Our belt buckles have survived house fires, motorcycle crashes, and multiple generations of daily wear. They are treasures and heirlooms, and over time will bear all the marks of your life.

Watch my 1-minute video demonstration on how our belt buckles are made.