Local's Discount

To qualify for the Local's Discount you must be a

1) A permanent Colorado resident within the Roaring Fork Valley watershed (roughly between Aspen - Glenwood Springs and contributing creeks).
With a current Colorado Drivers' License showing your street address within the Valley.

The discount is 15%.


2) STUDENTS You also qualify for the full discount if you were a student in any Valley school for 4 years or more. You don't need to be a current Valley resident.


3) Former residents: 1% per year up to 15% if you lived in the Valley at any time and have some memorabilia to prove it (old ski pass or DL, etc).


3) There are many "1/2 ASPENITES" and people who grew up SUMMERS in the Valley. These folks can have a 1% per year up to 15% discount with some documentation of where they lived or school records.


4) COLORADO STATE residents can have a 5% discount. Drivers' License required.

Local people wearing our belt buckles and jewelry are our best advertisement! Thank you!

Larger organizations, be it a wedding party, a corporation, non-profit, event or otherwise who may be buying a bulk quantity may receive discounts of 15%, depending on the circumstances.


Remember that we manufacture-to-order and may not have quantities on hand. Try to contact us 3 months ahead of time to set up your order and schedule.


Updated 3/24