We are not big fans of engraving. You would be surprised how many pieces come back asking if the engraving can be removed (divorce, re-gifting, selling, etc).  Also keep in mind that engraving is an added complication that can take time and you will need to plan ahead.  And, due to the opportunity for mistakes, we cannot act as the middleman: you will have to make all the arrangements with the companies who do the engraving.


Note" #4 leaf and smaller are too small for engravings.

All items Hayes Custom Engraving: Our own hand-chiseled engraving is rustic and non-removable. We only offer it on items which are custom-made and the charge is $25 minimum plus $5 per character and your item will be placed on the custom-order wait list since the item has to be made from scratch in order to be engraved while flat. Please, no long words like 'congratulations, anniversary, etc. '. The number of words possible is also very limited: No engraving on leaves smaller than #5, Initials OR a date on leaves #5-9, Initials OR a date on smallest belt buckle, Three words on medium belt buckle, Five words on largest belt buckle.


Belt Buckles, Bracelets, all items:

Farmers' Engraving (Denver) has small styluses, so they have more flexibility in the size of their fonts. They also have the ability to engrave quite small, hence you can use long words or add many more words.
THIS TAKES TIME. Allow 3 weeks to send and get your engraved item returned.

Farmer's Engraving (303)329-3322
3535 South Platte River DR

Unit G 3

Sheridan CO 80110

(see fonts at farmersengraving.com)