We are not big fans of engraving. You would be surprised how many pieces come back asking if the engraving can be removed (divorce, re-gifting, selling, etc) -and no, it can't.  Also keep in mind that engraving is an added complication that can take time and you will need to plan ahead.  And, all engraved items must be prepaid and are non-returnable or refundable.


What engraving services are available depends on if your belt buckle or item is
in-stock (already made). or if it is on order (waiting to be made).  See info below for these options*.
In either case, we do deep, permanent engraving and you should assume that it is non-removable.
Machine-engraving (you send out, see below) is lighter and in most cases, is removable.


Those things being said, we are expanding our engraving services for items on order (being made)
-Inscriptions on the back. In a variety of fonts.
-Customer-provided artwork. Your logo, brand, design.
-Engraving potential on the front! an alternative to appliqued initials and designs at a lesser cost.


See font samples below


*What we can tell you now:
Belt Buckle or Item ON ORDER: (waiting to be made)
On belt buckles the charge is $100 and there are few restrictions. However, if it amounts to a paragraph or more, there may be some price negotiations.
On leaves -pendants, key chains, etc.
(note: we only engrave leaves size #5 and larger)
the charge is $45 and the limit is what will fit. Our smallest type is about 1/8"
And don't forget that custom (to be made) items can't be held to deadlines. Typically I place them on the calendar seasonally: Late winter, Spring, Summer Fall. No end-of-year orders.


IN STOCK Belt Buckles and Leaves: (already made)
We do not engrave any stocked leaf items (pendants, key chains etc.) the curve makes it impossible.
Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to  engrave the finished belt buckles with hand chisels due to the loop and pin, so we only offer hand-engraved initials on already made In-Stock buckles. $150


Other options: You take or send your piece out to a machine engraver. Turn-around time including shipping is usually 3-4 weeks, depending on the season (they get busier near holidays).  The charge is usually around $35-$45.

I recommend: (but you can also check listings in your local area)

Farmer's Engraving
3535 South Platte River Dr
Sheridan CO 80110





Gothic IC
Example of a single-line font, plain print

 $100 unlimited text*

Available on-order buckles only

*Remember when designing your inscription, that other things need to go on the back too:

  • Trademark and signature stamp
  • Buckle loop and pin



Clarendon 41

A heavier font with serifs


$100 unlimited text*


Available on-order buckles only





Script 1L

An easy to read script, single line


$100 unlimited text*

Available on-order buckles only



Hand-Chiseled Engraving

   $45 For 1st 3, then $6 each letter
   Available on-order buckles only
   Limited space

Hand-Chiseled Engraving
Initials only


   Available on in-stock or on-order buckles
   Available for on-order leaves #5 and larger
       (Key chains, Pendants)