Some information about belts

How our buckles fasten to the belt.



Belt makers: Please see our loop-to-pin measurements at the bottom of this page.

How to adjust the loop if your belt is too thick.

Belts are either full-grain leather (one layer) or laminated (several layers glued or sewn together). A quality full-grain leather belt is the best choice. All our buckles are sized for a double thickness of full grain leather to pass under the loop.


Exotic leathers are usually laminated. Laminated belts also often have filler and can be thicker. Sometimes a very thick laminated belt will not fit under our belt loop. 


What width is your belt? All of our belt loops are 1",  1-1/4",  or 1-1/2" NOTHING ELSE! (a few extra large buckles may have a 1-3/4" loop). Measure the inside of the belt loop -NO metal, and pick the closest size listed above.


Bob Dunn Belts

Aspen Sheepskin & Leather

 Full grain bridle leather. Hand tooled. Also makes tapered belts, gun holsters, vests, purses, custom leather.


Very high quality belts handmade by Bob Dunn.

Price range $100 and up.

 email -

970 927 3274

Harvest Leather

Concha belts

Full-grain bridle leather

Some fancier selections

Also makes tapered belts

Phone - (316) 775-2795
Email -

Dying Breeds

Full grain leather. Somewhat stiff; needs plenty of oiling.


Fantastic designs and colors

Price Range $65 and up

Common Questions about belts:
Q: Can I put my small buckle on a wider belt?
A: Yes, but you will need to purchase a tapered belt. Contact Aspen Sheepskin & Leather or Harvest Leather.


Q: Can I put my large buckle on a narrower belt?
A: Yes, but it will tilt. You can send your buckle back to us and have a centering pin soldered to the loop which will eliminate tilting.

Belt Makers:

The following are approximate measurements from the loop to the center of the pin:

1" belt

   Rectangle  1-7/8"

   Scalloped 1-7/8"

   Oval           1-1/2"


1-1/4" belt

   Rectangle 1-3/4"

   Scalloped 1-3/4"

   Oval          1-7/16"

   Leaf -only  1-1/4"


1-1/2" belt

   Rectangle 2"

   Scalloped 2"

   Oval          2"

   Leaf-only  1-1/2"

   Semi-square 1-3/4"