As a service to my customers and clients, I will be posting available used pieces for sale here.

'Reject' or '2nd' Belt Buckle for 1" belt


This is our small size buckle, it looks great on suits, with shorts, and on a slender man.

This is a '2nd' because the Aspen Leaf isn't exactly centered.


It is for sale for $500
please email

Large Sterling Silver belt buckle with 14k Gold 'B' fits a 1-1/2" Belt.


Made by Jim Hayes circa late '70's - early 80's


Used $1750.
This is a beautiful belt buckle at a great price.




Medium Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
Fits a 1-1/4" Belt

 Used $1250 OBO


Although it has had some wear, the leaf detail is still sharp and it will hold up to many more years of daily use.
Most people prefer this soft satin patina.

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